Garrett Johnson’s parents recently headed off to a week-long cruise and left him in charge of both the house as well as family’s beloved dog, Oscar.

Stepping outside ready to leave, Garrett’s mom told him to take care of the dog to the best of his abilities as they had never been separated for so long and she wasn’t sure how Oscar would handle this.

Turns out however that his mom had nothing to worry about for Oscar was in really good hands.

Garrett Johnson

To make their parents at ease while they were on the trip, Garrett made a video to prove just how fun he and Oscar were having while the parents were absent. A very interesting idea came to Garrett’s mind as to what this video should be about. He knew that Oscar was the funniest dog ever, so he decided to make a homespun comedy.

So they filmed a video together and Garrett made sure to show it to his parents.

Though Garrett’s parents were probably having the time of their life as they were on vacation, the real fun was most likely happening at home. His mom just couldn’t get enough of the adorable video. Garrett’s mom however was obviously not the only one who thought so.

Garrett Johnson

After having posted it on Twitter, the pair’s video got thousands of views, proving to both protagonists that even people that don’t know them think that this video is indeed adorable, because let’s face it- it is!

Garrett says that the video having gone viral blew him away for he only had 70 followers. Though not on camera anymore, Garrett and Oscar are still continuing to have the fun of their lives of course. Especially during the time that their parents were in vacation. They sure got to chill and had the whole house to themselves.