If you are having a bad day, then this video is just for your, as you are about to hear a parrot’s amazing singing voice. Parrots are known for their great impersonation skills. Some are so intelligent that they can even impersonate their humans. This one particular parrot can even sing!

We all have dreams we hope to accomplish one day! This parrot apparently wants to be a singer. He has obviously played Sia’s “Chandelier” video on repeat for he knows the lyrics of it from start to finish! He hits the high chords perfectly and during the 2 minutes that the video is playing, he shows off an amazing extravagance and makes us all laugh, going back to the chorus and singing it perfectly.

At first, I wasn’t so sure that this little parrot is indeed singing but after taking a closer look I can indeed see it. I don’t think Sia should be worried about her job anytime soon but let’s admit it- this parrot does a great job singing one of the hardest songs out there.