Pit bulls are known for their bad-mannered reputation; some even consider them dangerous, especially near unprotected beings such as children. This pit bull however is a counterexample at hand; he risks his own life to save that of a kid.

A woman, sharing the story on Facebook, comments on the bravery of her brother’s pit bull. Among other things she writes that this one particular night her brother was walking the pit bull named Hurley in the neighborhood late at night. Because it was so late, the pit bull went in an unleashed walk. Mid-way through the walk they both hear a kid’s scream. Undoubtedly, Hurley runs to rescue.

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When the owner arrives at the scene, he sees Hurley battling with a copper head snake, driving it away from the boy, and killing it. The boy, relieved, ended up running towards his mother and they both disappeared before the pit bull’s owner could get any information about the boy’s identity. His guess was the boy was bitten.

He ended up calling animal control and the Highland Village Cops showed up to check on Hurley who was bleeding, had a swollen neck, and was foaming from his mouth. Sure enough, the team finds that Hurley too had been bitten in his upper lip.

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Shelby and Hurley rushed to the hospital and spent the night there so they could check Hurley’s blood clotting abilities and monitor him for the night. Thankfully, Hurley recovered and went home the following morning. Other than feeling uncomfortable for the swollen neck, he seemed to be recovering pretty quickly.

The pit bull proved the hero of the day; he had saved a little boy from getting bitten, or at least not bitten multiple times. In other words, he saved the little boy’s life.

Facebook/Love What Matters

In an attempt to fight this stigma about pit bulls, the woman shared the dog’s story on Facebook, hoping it would raise people’s awareness about pit bulls being friendly and loyal companions. The story got shared a whole load of 200,000 times.

Thousands of users are leaving heart-warming comments. One user claimed “Hurley is a hero. Bless his sweet heart for saving this boy”.