Shelter dogs rarely have days when they receive good news about their situation, most of them will stay at the shelter for longest time or will be euthanized. I know, it is very sad but unfortunately it is the reality. In the world, there is a record 6.5 million animals that are registered as living in shelters around the world for every year, out of which half are dogs who everyday wish to find a new loving home where they can run and play happily. Sadly, there is a high number of dogs who never make it to be adopted because of their age or they have an illness, instead they are put down. Accordingly, it is estimated that 600,000 dogs are put down each year.

Therefore, it is very important nowadays that people understand that it is extremely critical that we adopt dogs from the shelters rather than buying them at a local pet store.

The story and reaction of Benny, a pit bull who was recently adopted will make us realize this fact.  He was rescued from Carson Animal Care Center in California, at the time he least expected. It was too many times that people came in the shelter and greeted him, however, no one decided to adopt him but he still had hope that one day the right family will show up.

Thankfully, the so waited day finally came for Benny, when a family came to find him and saved from the misery of being put down. It is so adorable to watch in the video, the moment he realizes that he is being sent home to family, his face lights up, he starts waggling his tale and is hyper excited.

Benny was very excited to finally have found a family, whom he will stay loyal too and will forever love and take care. Watching this dog being so excited just to be able to spend time with people and having a chance to share the love and care will bring tears to your eyes. Therefore, let us all mobilize and do more, let us spread the word that the adoption is the answer to make everyone happy and better!

Let us be kind and adopt instead of buying dogs. Rescued puppies are the happiest animals in the world and they will make us happy too!