Huskies are known for their beautiful fur and their ocean blue eyes. They are categorized as one of the most beautiful dog species. However, because of their exuberant nature and unpredicted behaviors, many people are reluctant when it comes to a husky approaching their child.

The online video below however serves as proof that a husky can drop his “tough” attitude and be quite gentle when playing with a baby. This is so so cute!

Thinking of a dog licking a toddler’s face makes many parents cringe. And rightly so. We never know where that mouth has been after all. But, having a dog as a companion can teach a baby loads of things that will prove beneficial in his/her later life. Lessons including unconditional love, fair play, and compassion will all be embedded in the toddler’s behavior.

Interested? Watch the video below and see husky’s reaction.