Even though not many people decided to join him sing, this Malaysian busker decided to sing for his own enjoyment nonetheless. Unexpectedly, four 3 month kittens showed up, quietly and mesmerizingly listening to the guy’s singing. The latter was needless to say filled of awe and joy for entertaining such a cute audience.

Suddenly, the kittens decide to sit down- they are there for the whole performance. The man who recorded the one-minute video claimed that the kittens somehow knew exactly what the man needed in those moments- an audience to perform in front of. They stayed there until the performance was over; the singer thanked the kittens for having brightened his day in the best way possible. To add to it, the kittens seemed to very much enjoy this performance, bobbing their heads around with the beat and all.

Watch the video below and see the kittens’ reaction: