credit: Sunrise Hospital / Twitter

The mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas, left 58 dead and more than 500 people wounded. That was a domestic terrorism that left many American reeling.

However, after the tragedy happened, there were some heartwarming moments that helped in recovering and making people feel better.

credit: Sunrise Hospital / Twitter

Several service dogs like golden and labs and natch visited the Sunrise Hospital were some of the victims and those affected by the tragedy were recovering from their physical and emotional wounds.

Below are presented several tweets that people there made about the adorable dogs at the hospital.

While introducing one of these dogs, he said “This is Cubby, from Colorado (who was winking?).”

One of the workers there got so emotional that she even put the image of the dogs as her new lock screen on her mobile.

When pictures of these dogs were posted, everyone fell in love with them.

Aside from the dogs, there was also a ‘comfort cat’

The dogs’ handlers showed their gratitude and thanked for sharing their story with the others.

The hospital did the same thing. They stated “Thank you comfort dogs for brightening everyone’s day! #VegasStrong”