People may take for granted living in places where the risk from animal predators is very little. Now imagine living in a place where while you are driving down the street, you may have tostop and let a family of gorillas to cross the road before you can continue driving.

There are many unique animals in this world and we are lucky to share the rich planet with amazing creatures. The wildlife is very important and we should make sure that we are preserving the wildlife and the natural habitat including the silverback


gorilla which is in need of preservation.

There are approximately 700 silverback gorillas left in this world and it is our duty to do our best to respect their livelihoods.  We start protecting their habitat or allow them to wander freely in places.

BBC Earth while they were filming in South Africa discovered a giant silverback gorilla that was waiting in the bushes at the side of the road where there are many trucks and vehicles that run up and down.

The gorilla in the street was waiting for the proper time to cross on the other side with the rest of his family. They have been waiting to cross the road for 20 minutes and still weren’t able to do that. So what the BBC Earth crew did was block any further traffic.

While the huge gorilla is standing in the middle of the road like a crossing guard, the rest of the family members are wandering around the bushes and cross the road. The gorilla guides the family while crossing and looks confident that he can fight anyone that may come their way.

The crew is very close to the gorillas and you could expect them to get territorial towards humans but they just seem to mind their own business without noticing the camera team. The camera team is indeed very close to the gorillas. You can watch the video yourself and see the majestic creatures as they cope with living close to the human world.