Potentially some of us have never heard of White lions and tigers, well do not blame yourself as they are very rare animals. It is estimated that in the world there are only 300 white Lions and 1,200 white tigers. Thus, when they have babies together it is news, as we can witness the cuteness of approximately 1000 of these kind cute cubs.

The T.I.G.E.R. sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, South California has had an incredible week, two of their precious animals became parents to four rare cubs. The two parents a white lion and a white tiger brought to life, four lovely “ white ligers.” Their names are, Yeti, Odlin, Sampson and Apolo, and they are the most adorable thing you have seen in a long time. The little family is so happy and it growing every day.

The four cubs, have been growing up so fast, gaining weight every day , and soon they will all be fully grown kings of the judge. I know, it is not fair as we would love for them to forever be cubs and be adorable as they are now.

Based on their uncle’s grown, they are expected to grow into massive creatures. Hercules, a white liger, weights 922 pounds, and it is a magnificent creature. Potentially, one of these cubs will take after their uncles and be grown the biggest cat in the world. But for now, we don’t want to know about that, we just want to enjoy the cuteness of these baby bodies.

The four little fellows are very cute and playful, they just love swimming and socializing with the caretakers of the sanctuary and of course each other. They all have their own personalities which makes them differ from their siblings.

For now, let us all enjoy their fun personalities and baby faces and not think of when they will become 10 feet tall and grow into giant creatures.