There is no one that doesn’t hate the dreaded ‘C’ word. It makes families upset and brings devastation since it takes away the life of people for too soon. It is not only the humans that suffer from this dreaded decease, animals aren’t immune either. When the family found out that their dog was diagnosed with cancer, she had only 10% chance to survive.

The golden retriever Lily became sick overnight and seemed to be deteriorating very quickly. After examining her to the veterinarian, the family was informed that Lily had a large tumour on her spleen.

The family was informed that  she can undergo the operation in order to remove the tumour but there was a catch.  The tumour was likely to be a cancerous tumour and Lily’s chances of living were no longer than a few months after the operation was very small.

Despite the low chances of living after the operation, the family of Lily was determined to do anything they could to save the dog while hoping that a miracle  can happen. Waiting for the test results was so torturous but it finally came and the results were here.

Mom sat Lily down to tell her the test results. She did it very gently and the video below is heartwarming to watch. It looks like Lily is listening carefully to her mom as they are both sharing their emotional moment regarding the results. Their bond looks so strong and the owner of Lily is a very special person.

You can watch the video below to see the moment where Lily gets the results of her fate after having the operation.  The family will hopefully enjoy the time that has remained for Lily to live. Due to this occurrence, they are reminded of how short this life and that it can be snatched away at any time.