As a kid, there is nothing more exciting during summertime than eating your favourite flavours of ice cream. The joy of seeing the ice cream man coming near your place is amazing and is enough to make you go crazy for getting it.

Dogs are known for their loyal and friendly manners and some may act exactly like a kid would when it comes to getting sweets or ice cream. This dog was running outside when he saw the ice cream truck. And he did exactly what a kid would do, run towards the truck.

However, unlike kids who can sometimes be inpatient until they get what they want, this dog sits patiently as he waits in line for his turn.

When he finally gets the ice cream, he eats it with as if he was a kid being fed by his mom. You could see it in his face that he really enjoyed the ice cream. If he would have the ability to talk he would probably say that he is enjoying the ice cream a lot.

This is funny and very cute and you need to    watch the amazing video which will completely melt your heart and make your day.