The vice president of Furever Bully Love Rescue, Natalie Olivieri, met Harper when Furvever Bully collaborated with Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project. The two came together to feed the stray dogs in the Redlands. The Redlands is an area in Redland that Florida used as a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. The volunteers are doing their best to feed the dogs but there is a large number of them.

Unfortunately, the number of dogs that need help is so big but the rescuers are doing as much as they can to help. One day Olivieri saw a pup that she knew immediately was severely abused.  Other volunteers said that they have seen the dog named Harper several times. The pup was approximately a year old and they guessed she had been living in the Redlands for five months.

Olivieri spoke for The Dodo. “Harper came out with about five other dogs. As soon as Harper approached us and we met, she just completely fell on the ground in fear.”

The dog had scars that were a sign of previous abuse she had experienced before. Olivieri decided not to leave Harper there. Olivieri managed to get a lead around Harper’s neck but when she did, Harper didn’t move. She got paralyzed with fear.

Olivier said: “We had to pick Harper up. “We didn’t even put her in a crate at this point, so we put a blanket on the floor.”

When they got back to Orlando, Harper saw a vet. She was diagnosed with anemia, worms and also bad tooth infection. These could be treated but her fear prevented her and it took her longer to do that.

For several days Harper didn’t want to stand up. When a volunteer picked her up so that she could eat or do her things, she would just cling onto that person so tightly.

She went to foster care for some days. Cheryl Kessler says that Harper is slowly but surely coming out of her shell. She is now walking around on her own and also plays in the garden. Kessler also says that sometimes she catches Harper doing the zoomies when she is in the mood to play.

The biggest thing for Harper is understanding that no matter what she goes through, she will get the food and the affection every day.  Harper doesn’t expect anything but she is still very grateful for everything she has been given.

A few weeks later Harper gave birth to eight healthy puppies and all the pups found homes.

If you love dogs and you want them to be safe, consider saving dogs like Harper. There are so many animals that are in need for help.