Because it was too cold outside for these little ponies to run and exercise outside, they were kept inside in their stables. Luckily for them however, they did manage to do a stable race and get their share of exercise indoors as well.

No matter the weather after all, all beings need their exercise. Caregiver Alicia, decides to let the horses run free in the stable. Looking at their energy, we can totally tell it was the best decision she could have made.

When these horses decided to have a race with the stable dog it was all too hilarious. It got even funnier when something else popped out of the corner. As the three horses round in the corner, Alicia turns the camera around to see a fourth tiny horse struggling behind.

He manages to catch up fast however and run with his friends. Alicia struggles to hold in her giggles as she claims that they were in no way getting any work done that day.

The horses were rescued from a neglectful owner and are now with the caregiver, Alicia. By the looks of it, they are having the best time of their lives in their new home.

I challenge you to watch the video without any giggling sounds.