One thing is known for sure- kids sure love to play. Play is their language after all, and better yet, it is a language that has no barriers and every kid speaks it. They like to play, have fun, and entertain even others around them. Let it be with a pet, another child, or in this case a gorilla, toddlers are always up to the idea of playing.

In the video below, we can see a baby gorilla and a toddler engaging in a peek-a-boo game, running around to hide from each other. It looks as if the gorilla has played this game before. Using a tree to hide behind it, he fools the little boy several times. At one time, he even changes direction of walking as a means of winning ahead and confusing the little kid.

The boy doesn’t seem at all disturbed by this. In fact, he loves the idea, as he screams in joy. Passerby visitors stare in awe, amazed at the enthusiasm of the little boy, and the game technique of the baby gorilla too!

One of the other older gorillas- perhaps the baby’s mother- sits down and enjoys the show as well, unperturbed at the idea that her infant is engaging with another species.

Gorillas are highly intelligent beings (as you can witness from the video above as well). They are herbivores and rely mainly on plants, leaves, berries, fruit, and on occasion insects.

The biggest primates on our planet, gorillas are endangered in today’s society, with their only predator being humans. Gorillas are very social beings, engage in complex social cultures, and form tight bonds with other beings surrounding them- much like humans, if not more.