Typhoon Mangkhut in Asia has been getting on everyone’s way, showing zero mercy to everyone that passes through its path. Not only has it interfered with pedestrians in Hong Kong, it has also gotten on a couple’s way of getting married- turning their day from happy to terror in a matter of seconds.

Randy Manaois, 29 and his girlfriend Jennifer, 28 were getting married on Friday, one day before the typhoon caused landslides on the northern part of the country, killing at least 64 people.

Video footages below show how after the newly weds go to dance and everyone is hyped at the upbeat music, panic strikes the guests as a large crack erupts overhead, followed by thunders, cutting off electricity in the area, and shattering windows! Guests began to scream and run inside before the electricity lines fell on one another, causing other catastrophes.

Credit: Newsflare

In a later media report, Randy claimed that everything had happened in a matter of seconds. One moment, they were all enjoying the party, the next everything was blacking out, and they could hear windows shatter.

“My wife was scared and everyone was panicking. I am thankful that everyone was safe, but we are sorry to all our guests. We did not know that such a tragedy will happen. My wife is still in shock”- Randy stated.

Metro Manila, the central region of the country has also started to experience the effects of the typhoon, with 200mph winds.

Other parts of Asia are also being hit hard by the typhoon, including Hong Kong. People online have claimed that they have never seen anything similar to this. A Twitter user, @WizDayTrader posted a video where one can clearly see someone getting pushed into the wall by the strong winds.

The video caption said “If you thought Florence was bad… check out Cat5 #Mangkhut in Hong Kong right now”.

We urge everyone to be cautious in such extreme situations. Be safe!