Ali Safa from Canberra, Australia was just looking forward to a nice lazy day. He just planned to hang out at his home and do nothing; perhaps only play some video games. So he decided to out in the garden and enjoy a little bit of sun. Suddenly, he fell asleep. When he woke up however, he realized that he wasn’t alone.

Safa claims he slept for about two hours but upon waking up he realized he has company. He said to have found a kitten just napping in his stomach like it was no big deal.

Ali Safa

The kitten was a tiny white one with hairless pink ears and dirty little paws. Safa claims he was struck by the kitten and she softened his heart as she lay there so innocently.

Safa said that he has always been quite a loner without a lot of friends. But he befriended the kitten quite instantly and he claims that her purr is the sweetest thing in the world.

Ali Safa

Safa claims that he has seen other stray kittens roaming in the neighborhood but nobody quite had caught his attention as this one. It felt like she had chosen him and not the other way around so that’s what made it all so special, Safa says. Not wanting to wake her up, he even took a selfie to make sure he will remember this moment and cherish it.

Safa said that he wasn’t even bothered if the cat has fleas claiming that if it did, then he probably caught the fleas too by now but that doesn’t matter.

Ali Safa

The cat woke up eventually and wasted zero time in making demands. Safa wrote on Reddit that as soon as she had woken up she jumped off the sofa and meowed for a whole 20 seconds, clearly hungry. So Safa decided it was time for him to share those yummy chicken wings his mom had made for him.

As soon as the kitten had eaten, Safa decided to give her a bath. Upon taking her to the bathroom however, he realized that the gray splotches on her fur were markings not dirt. The kitten even seemed to enjoy the water. Safa at those moments began thinking about adopting her.

He added that there aren’t any house rules in his family which dictate whether pets can be adopted or not. So he decided to keep her for forever, no matter the consequences. He even found the perfect name for her- he named her Angel.

Safa took her to the vet to make sure she was healthy. Turned out she was in perfect condition and didn’t have a microchip on her so she didn’t belong to anyone else. From the vet, Safa took her to the store to buy some cat food and a few toys for her.

This instance had occurred only two weeks back but it seemed like everything has changed for the pair.

Angel now finally has a place to call home and Safa has a friend who will always have his side. He adds that his cat is the funniest cat he has ever met; all she wants to do is roam around, play and demands petting every once in a while.

She also demands attention. Safa says that as he’s working on his laptop, Angel isn’t shy at all to just jump on him, sit on his keyboard and between his arms. He adds that putting her down won’t help at all as she will immediately jump back on his arms. What a cute pair they are.