It is of little doubt that the after math of the Hurricane Harvey was detrimental. From the horrific flooding covering the city of Houston, to lives lost, and destruction of property, the hurricane seems to be remembered for times to come.

It is however the stories of us, the humans, that will most likely linger the longest. As streets start to dry and construction teams get to rebuild the city, the leftover images of destroyed roadways, people’s facial expression of terrors, their attempts to provide aid to one another, and nursing homes buried ten feet under will be in the back of our minds for a very long time.

And luckily, we will also remember all those who have come to aid in times of need- the rescuers and the first respondents, men and women of the Coast Guard and other services, not only from Texas, but also from other states. Recently, NY state celebrated their Air National Guard for having helped in the Harvey catastrophe; their actions saved around 330 people. People have posted “raw footage” videos of a rescue that has become a trend among social media.

The video is a footage of a HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter rescuing a family of nine. As they are pulled out one by one, people are left in awe to see a one-month baby be rescued among them. It is the last scene that caught people’s attention however. Called simply “a man in a red shirt”, the rescuer, coming slowly to the copter’s doorway, is seen to be holding something- a tiny little dog, the last family member. The video below captures it all. Take a look.